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Wardrobe Interior Design


Wardrobe interior design and the content within it are a reflection of your lifestyle. When you consider getting a new wardrobe or changing the existing one, the design becomes the most important factor, as a wardrobe’s primary usage is space management. The design of your wardrobe speaks volumes about your personal taste and style statement. For instance, the design and color selection of your wardrobe laminates should match or contrast with the surrounding décor to give a seemingly rhythmic flow to interiors.

Trending Wardrobe Designs

Types of Wardrobe Interior Design That You Can Go With

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding-door wardrobes go well with a modern interior setup, especially when you seek limited but organized spaces. With the onset of economical smart homes having less space, sliding door wardrobes have taken the world by storm as they offer huge customization possibilities along with less space consumption. Sliding door wardrobes from Design Science look trendy and offer more utility as the doors can slide seamlessly and save space as doors don’t need to open outward. Design Science’s sliding door wardrobe designs can be implemented in any space, irrespective of the décor aspect.

Benefits of sliding doors:

  1. Sliding door wardrobes require less space and provide more visibility to the stuff kept inside them since the door does not interfere with light, unlike swing doors.
  2. its sliding action gives easier access to the wardrobe, unlike the hinged door wardrobe, which requires some space for door opening. They require comparatively less maintenance than swing-door wardrobes.
  3. They offer more options for personalized designs, customizations, and better accents.
  4. Mirrored sliding door wardrobes make the room look more spacious by providing a better reflection of light.

Walk in Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe can be like stepping into another world of its own. Design-science walk-in wardrobes have always been a symbol of luxury, and the functionality of their features remains unchallenged. Inviting and luxurious, Design Science walk-in wardrobes can bring joy and pride to your home. They can make your house feel more attractive and ultimately add value. Design-science walk-in wardrobes are rapidly becoming a big trend! It’s now a must-have for many middle-class homes.