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Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen interior is crucial in any household because it is where we prepare the meals we enjoy at our dining tables. A well-designed kitchen is essential to ensuring that cooking is not just fun but also engaging. It is crucial to have a well-designed kitchen that makes the best use of the available space.

Trending Kitchen Design

Why is kitchen interior design important? ​

When it comes to designing and remodeling kitchen interiors in Bangalore, we at Design Science have a lot of experience. Cooking won’t ever be monotonous thanks to the aesthetic improvements that our in-house kitchen interior design professionals can make to this important room in your house.

Modular Kitchens: The New Age of Improved Functional Kitchens

Modular kitchen interior design offers a modern and flexible approach to kitchen design, allowing for the selection of cabinets for various functions in modules. Design Science offers modules in various sizes and colors to suit specific areas of the kitchen. These modular kitchens excel in interior design, making them ideal for those with limited space, such as terraced homes or flats. By focusing on the most effective units, space utilization can be maximized, creating an efficient and well-organized kitchen layout.

Types of Kitchen interior Design

U Shaped

The U-shaped kitchen is one of the most practical and convenient kitchen designs of all. They are popular mainly because they add extra countertop and shelf space with ample space to move when compared to an L-shaped or galley kitchen. Planning and executing various designs of U-shaped kitchens is also comparatively easier, with only one exit point and smooth symmetry. If you wish to go with a U-shaped kitchen for your new nest, the experts at Design Science will be at your disposal at every step of your décor journey.

L Shaped

An L-shaped kitchen layout usually comprises two adjacent walls and cabinets, often referred to as the “legs” of the L. The length of the legs can vary based on the available space in the area. The shape itself is quite suitable for both large and small kitchens. Deemed one of the more popular kitchen layouts due to its flexible shape that works well with any design style, whether a kitchen is modern or traditional, Design Science offers premium L-shaped kitchen designs.

Parallel Kitchen

What’s better than having a single kitchen counter? Having two of them on either side! A parallel kitchen is an idea that is becoming more and more popular in modern homes due to the amount of countertop space that you get for kitchen chores. Design Science Parallel Kitchen designs make the available space extremely efficient and compact. With two long, parallel counters standing parallel and an aisle running in between, you get to divide your work accordingly. Compared to other kitchen layouts, a parallel kitchen is much more convenient to plan and design. To deliver the right kitchen design setup and colour scheme for your parallel kitchen, we have a vast array of design concepts and a skilled team of experts at Design Science.

Single Walled Kitchen

In single-wall kitchens or straight kitchens, all of the cabinets, countertops, and major work services are along one wall. The other sides of the kitchen are open and often face the living room or the hall. Usually preferred by our clients, Design Science has expertise in single-wall kitchens, where all the modules are on one side. The space opens up on the other sides, making the kitchen a social place where everyone can communicate with each other and nobody feels excluded.